Portuguese for Adult Foreigners

Portuguese is fast becoming an essential language in the Southern African region as well for a growing interest among Southern Africans to immigrate to Portugal. As a result, many people are now learning Portuguese to improve their social and business status.

Our part-time Portuguese courses focus on communication skills as well as getting you acquainted with the Portuguese culture, with particular emphasis on developing your speaking skills. We will introduce you gradually to the new language and ensure that your speaking and reading skills develop through practice and reinforcement. We include grammar in our course as an understanding of the grammar is important to help you understand the structures of the language. In our lessons, English is kept to a minimum, particularly in the more advanced levels, to help you become accustomed to Portuguese.


Our teachers will make sure that you feel at ease while still ensuring you are actively involved. Different varieties of Portuguese exist worldwide.

At The House of Portugal Academy, we teach standard (classic) Portuguese. This variety is understood everywhere, including Mozambique, Angola and Brazil. It also gives you a good foundation, which you can then easily supplement with additional vocabulary as required.



Each module runs for 10 weeks (20 hours). Classes are held on Mondays and Wednesdays. Two catch up classes are allowed per module under solid justification (urgent and unforeseen travel or sick reasons), on a Saturday morning and needs to be agreed and scheduled depending on availability.

Each class has a duration of 60 minutes. Group classes are usually held in the afternoons and Private tuition in the morning at same agreed time.



Our courses follow strictly the curriculum established for the teaching of Portuguese abroad (for adults) by Instituto de Camões. Every student is provided with the respective manual and audio CD at no extra cost.

An exclusive class is opened on Facebook for interaction, upload, and download of every material on an electronic platform.


Programme Overview

We offer courses at four levels, although the higher level courses are dependent on demand:
- Level 1 (Beginner) (A1), (A2);
- Level 2 (Elementary) (B1), (B2);
- Level 3 (Pre-intermediate - Intermediate) (C1);

- Level 4 (Intermediate - Proficiency) (C2);

Each level consists of two 20-hour modules. Completing the beginner’s level therefore takes 40 hours in total. Each course is based on one module, and you receive a Certificate of Attendance on completing Module A, provided you attend at least 80% of the course. Participants who write the tests in the second module and successfully complete Module B obtain a Certificate of Competence. The tests are only obligatory for those who want a competence certificate. Alternatively, those who would rather not do the tests receive a report as well as a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the course.

Our classes are held online on secure platform.



Depending on your initial level of understanding of Portuguese. Saying this, it’s not only about your initial ability to speak or understand Portuguese Language, but also the understanding that you have of its culture, the emotions and the history behind it.


Don’t worry, with us, we will assure that as your progress you reach your proposed goals. Hence we assist you on setting up realistic goals and we commit to a pace. I give 100% of my 50% and I expect you to do the same.

A B2 level is usual the level that it’s necessary to be able to study, live, work and be self- sufficient and confident under a Portuguese speaking environment.




Participants are required to obtain a minimum of 80% attendance on the beginner's (1A) course to qualify for a Certificate of Attendance. For all other levels, participants can choose between Certificates of Attendance or Competence, with the successful completion of tests in addition to 80% attendance as the measure of competence.

We prepare and propose to Portuguese National Exams on each level. These exams are held by Institute Camões once a year and on officially published date. A1, A2 (Beginner), B1, B2 (Elementary) and C1, C2 from intermediate to Proficiency. They are invigilated by an Official of the Portuguese Government. Please enquire for fees, dates and further details. (You can use Exam on B2 or C1 as access to University in Portugal)




2021 Course Dates

Webinar 28 January 2021

Registrations: 1 - 5 February 2021

Opening Session: 6 February 2021

Commencement A1: 8 February 2021


2021 1st Intake Starting 1 February 2021

Portuguese is a fun and rewarding language to learn. Whether you choose to learn for travel, work or personal reasons, our trained Portuguese classes and teachers in Johannesburg can help you.

Intended for students with no previous training in Portuguese. This online or Johannesburg based Portuguese course is designed to establish correct pronunciation, to teach the elements of grammar, to enable students to read, to understand spoken Portuguese, to become familiar with cultural aspects of Portuguese-speaking countries, and especially to establish a good basic vocabulary.

Our effective Portuguese lessons focus on attaining authentic Classic European Portuguese language skills you can use in the real world. This means maintaining a learner-centred classroom, where the teacher leads students in natural Portuguese conversation, role-play and other language activities.

The year just started and I have already so much on my plate!
What if we enter lock-down again?

We got you! Our classes are online, hence avoiding you to have to drive to us and back , worrying with traffic after a long day of work, or cutting your morning short, or even worrying about having to interrupt the course due to further lock-down restrictions or even curfew!

What do I need?

A laptop or tablet with internet connection, Zoom installed, perhaps earphones, and a space you can claim for yourself one hour twice a week and a clear motivation to learn Portuguese!

We will provide you audio, exercise and learner manuals and other many , many ancillary material!

What if I miss one class or can't make it on time?

Life won't stop because you are learning Portuguese, and hick-ups and unforeseen crap will surely show face. And that is why we have the following nets in place:

- A catch up class on the following Saturday morning (up to a max of 2 per module);

- The recording of the class;

- n exclusive member area with all the resources in one place;

- Your community of other colleagues to assist with questions, answers, exercises, motivation etc!


But, but, but...

There are a myriad of things that can happen while you are taking your course, like retrenchment, becoming ill, loosing reception. These are extreme cases, and we will be here to assist in whatever ways possible. You will just need to contact us directly on ines@thehouseofportugal.com

What is this course all about?

Português em Foco 1 is the first level of a set of modules focused on adolescents and adults wanting to learn Portuguese as a Foreigner Language and its divided in twenty learning units and organised in thematic areas and vocabulary associated to a basic survival or daily routine self sufficiency. Each one of these twenty units will allow you to develop these competences thought written, speaking and listening tasks.

Which qualifications will I get?

The course will provide the learner the linguistic knowledge necessary in oral comprehension and expression, reading hability and writing skills, to allow the learner to successfully obtain the Certificado Inicial de Português Língua Estrangeira (CIPLE), corresponding to Level 1  (same as QECR A1/A2 ), in agreement with the International Evaluation, Assessement and Certification System established by  CAPLE (Centro de Avaliação de Português Língua Estrangeira), instituted in 1999 by Universidade de Lisboa, in partnership with Portuguese Ministry of Education and Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs  (Camões – Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua), and approved by ALTE (Association of Language Testers in Europe).



What will you learn?
  • Greetings and meeting people for the first time

  • Asking someone’s name and answering

  • Using formal and informal

  • Spelling and pronunciation

  • Asking and saying how you feel

  • Asking and saying where you are from (nationality)

  • Using numbers – Ask and saying phone numbers and home addresses

  • Days of the week

  • Months of the year

  • Buying food and drinks

  • Directions and getting around


Why should I register with The House of Portugal Academy and not with other Language school?

The product costs

20 x 60 minute sessions online (10 weeks) **                    R 7000

Bonus 1 - eAudio and visual material  *                                R 3500

Bonus 2 - THOP Academy Resource Center                   R 1940

Bonus 3 - 10 Q&A Weekly Session with Ines                    R 1497

Bonus 4 - 1 voucher 2021 Pioneiro A2*                              R 2226

Bonus 5 - 1 Voucher 2021 Pioneiro B1 *                             R 2226

Bonus 6 - 1 Voucher 2021 Pioneiro B2*                             R 2226

Total Value                                                  R 20615
Launch Cart 1                 R4774

*valid for 12 months from registration date.

** 7 days cooling off warranty

** If you score less than 80% on your final tests having attended all classes and tasks I will give you 100% refund!

The product costs

20 x 60 minute sessions online (10 weeks) **                    R 7000

Bonus 1 - eAudio and visual material  *                                R 3500

Bonus 2 - THOP Academy Resource Center                   R 1940

Bonus 3 - 10 Q&A Weekly Session with Ines                    R 1497

Bonus 4 - 1 voucher 2021 Pioneiro A2*                              R2226

Bonus 5 - 1 Voucher 2021 Pioneiro B1 *                             R 2226

Bonus 6 - 1 Voucher 2021 Pioneiro B2*                             R 2226

Total Value                                                  R 20615
Launch Cart 2                 R6577 - 357€

*valid for 12 months from registration date.

** 7 days cooling off warranty

** If you score less than 80% on your final tests having attended all classes and tasks I will give you 100% refund!


What are the course details?


A1 - Beginners

Price: R5777.00 for 20H all included (Registration fees, Courses fees, Learning materials)
Schedule: 1 hour twice a week
Evening Time: 6pm – 7pm
Day Time: 10am – 11am
Duration: 10 weeks

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I am interested. What do I need to do?

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