Programa Regressar

What is this program about? The House of Portugal together with Comunidades Portuguesas provides the procedural guidelines that should be observed by Portuguese Nationals residing overseas, before initiating their definitive transfer of permanent residency back to Portugal. This program is available to Portuguese nationals only and is available until December 2021.

Portugal Gateway

Did you know that Portugal (and Europe) is going through a second COVID wave?

Therefore, new measures are being taken by governments in order to avoid further losses in terms of human lives and also economic ones.

The good news is that, even though we are experiencing this difficult situation, Portugal continues to issue the D7 visa to most countries that have a Portuguese consulate.

As this visa process can take 3 to 4 months to complete, after that period we hope that the pandemic situation has improved.

In this sense, it is definitely an opportunity to start your application if you are a pensioner or receive passive income and intend to move to Portugal.

So, to answer the most popular questions related to the D7 visa, we published an article with simple answers related to this visa. To access it, just click the button below:


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