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What: European Portuguese

Level: Beginners - A

Module: 1

Where: Zoom

Beginners A1

# Lessons: 22

# Learning units: 10

# Hours: 44

# Weeks: 8

November 2021

Wednesdays, 16:00 - 18:00

Saturdays, 10:00 - 12:00


Registrations close 26 Oct

Opening Session: 31 Oct

Commencement A1: 1 Nov

Portuguese is fast becoming an essential language in the Southern African region as well for a growing interest among Southern Africans to immigrate to Portugal. As a result, many people are now learning Portuguese to improve their social and business status.

Portugal has in recent years opened many opportunities for Portuguese emigrants, their descendants and those living with them to return to Portugal, as well as it made available many interesting benefits and incentives to those wanting to look into living, moving their lives, seeking business opportunities, studying or even retiring in Portugal.


A good handle of the Portuguese language is very important and understanding the mindset and the backgroung of its culture is abolutely vital. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Our teachers will make sure that you feel at ease while still ensuring you are actively involved. Different varieties of Portuguese exist worldwide.

At The House of Portugal Academy, we teach standard (classic) Portuguese. This variety is understood everywhere, including Mozambique, Angola, and Brazil. It also gives you a good foundation, which you can then easily supplement with additional vocabulary as required.

Additionally, we are Sworn Translators and Commissioer of Oaths hence we are a One-Stop-Shop to support your language needs, either through, intensive courses of Portuguese, Professional group or individual classes a well as translating all personal documents, technical and commercial material within the language pair of Portuguese - English - Portuguese.

What we offer

Intensive Courses

Our courses are aimed at adolescents and adults and follow strictly the curriculum established for the teaching of Portuguese abroad (for adults) by Instituto de Camões.


Course intakes, registration dates are published at the beginning of each calendar year, per level and module. A1, A2, B1. B2, C1, and C2 modules are only available on the Private Tuition option.

Learning materials are included on the fee.


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Private Tuition

These classes are directed to the individual looking for 1o1 class, small family, or company group of up to a maximum of 5 people.

Classes are online and available in 1h, 1,5 hours or 2 hours option

Contents are agreed on assessment of needs and purpose of the client and rolled over packages of 10 sessions.

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Sworn Translations

Translation of personal identification documents and qualifications from Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese.

Translation of technical, financial, commercial, legal materials from Portuguese to English and English to Portuguese.

We cater for legalization and bearing of Apostilles.

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Our Mission

To focus on communication skills as well as getting you acquainted with the Portuguese culture, with particular emphasis on developing your speaking skills. We will introduce you gradually to the new language and ensure that your speaking and reading skills develop through practice and reinforcement. We include grammar in our classes as an understanding of grammar is important to help you understand the structures of the language.

More importantly, we include culture. The why's, the Do's and the Dont's, and all the unspoken rules of the Portuguese Language and cultural mindset.


The intensive courses are a thorough and immersive course and a way to learn Portuguese fast. Classes are fast-paced and results are big. Students will learn alongside peers with similar language abilities. As with our other courses, all aspects of language skills, such as reading, speaking, writing, and listening, are focused on in class.

In our lessons, English is kept to a minimum, particularly in the more advanced levels, to help you become accustomed to Portuguese.

We are accredited by SATI - South African Translators Institute and Sworn Translators recommended by the Portuguese Authorities, Embassy, and Consulates in South Africa. 

At the Corporate level, we have long-standing and highly satisfied clients in the mining, infrastructure, medical & pharmaceutical, energy, and NGO's using our services for over 10 years.

The lead

Olá. Chamo-me Inês. Sou Portuguesa nascida em Angola, fiz os meus estudos em Portugal e vivo na África do Sul desde 2008. E tu?

Enthusiastic business relations developer and matchmaker with a touch for Ecosystems in southern Africa.

Inês  is a Political Science gratuate and has served in the board of many international agencies and developed her work in International Trade in Africa for Foreign Governments. 

She is a Sworn Translator for the Embassy and Consulate General of Portugal in South Africa, has tought European Portuguese for many years at WITS Language Scgool, lended her voice to SportTV, wrote for Portuguese Magazine Notícia and contributed for many publishing houses for the teaching of Portuguese to foreign adults.


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