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Private tuition 

All of an Intensive Course contents with the possibility to choose to learn in 1o1 classes with the tutor or in a small group.


Perfect option for the family of up to 5 members or the corporate group for internationalisation to Portuguese spoken countries.

Several options available in terms of time of the day, duration of class and taylored content to fit your purpose and level of need.

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The Tutor

Olá. Chamo-me Inês. Sou Portuguesa nascida em Angola, fiz os meus estudos em Portugal e vivo na África do Sul desde 2008. E tu?

Enthusiastic business relations developer and matchmaker with a touch for Ecosystems in southern Africa.

Inês  is a Political Science gratuate and has served in the board of many international agencies and developed her work in International Trade in Africa for Foreign Governments. 

She is a Sworn Translator for the Embassy and Consulate General of Portugal in South Africa, has tought European Portuguese for many years at WITS Language Scgool, lended her voice to SportTV, wrote for Portuguese Magazine Notícia and contributed for many publishing houses for the teaching of Portuguese to foreign adults.

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