Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Which are the Advantages of a Local Consultant?

This has a number of advantages:

  • The area manager better understands the local cultures.
  • Time differences are minimal, so better contact with the distributors or agents.
  • Travel costs are much lower.
  • Management of the local agents or distributors can be much stricter.
  • No quarantine costs or delays.
  • No health related risks.

And especially for companies from the Northern Europe or North America who want to export to ‘cheaper’ regions: you benefit from the lower salary levels and daily rates in the target country.

If you work with us, you will benefit from a locally based country or regional manager, who on the one hand will understand your business quickly, and with whom you can easily communicate. On the other hand he or she knows the culture, the local languages and has an extensive network already. This way we can work more effective than any export manager from abroad.

How to make the calculation from Hiring or Contracting?

We would be happy to make the calculation with you and show you the benefits. Please book an assessment session with us.

Is Advisory& Consultancy an alternative?

Its THE alternative. The alternative is working with locally based country or regional managers. The alternative is to have a network of regional or country managers, who just visit your company one or twice per year, for the rest are visited by you once a year, and who manage the country or region from within. This does not need to be full-time. You can also hire such a country or regional manager part-time with The House of Portugal, in over 10 countries. See more on Talent Boost.

Should I hire an Export Manager if I want to enter a new African market?

No. Export managers are effective for only half of their time. Export managers are mostly the most effective when interacting with your distributors or agents, so being abroad. But typically they spend most of their time at your office, since travel is expensive and tiring. Of course there is also paperwork to arrange and alignment with other company departments, but since cultural differences within the company are limited, communication can also be done be email or phone. This is not the case with distributors on other continents. If you add up travel time, less effective email and phone communication with distributors abroad, and relative unfamiliarity with the culture of the target countries, export managers are only effective for about half of their time.

Why contract The House of Portugal?

Well, to start, its more cost-efficient than hiring your own staff. You can see us as the temporary and part-time extension of your team. Hiring us gives the following benefits:We are short-term available and productive from day 1 No need to set up an office abroad and hire somebody full timeNo search agency fees and training costs

What is the average assignement rate?

As everything in life, time is money, so it depends. You will pay us on monthly basis or we will define a clear scope of work and charge a project fee. For an example, a partner search may range from € 5,000 to € 20,000 based on the country and what you want to sell there. There is always a payment at the start, but in countries like South Africa, Finland, Denmark and Canada there are export promotion incentives in place that you can use. We would be happy to provide you with a detailed proposal. Just contact one of our team members.

How long it takes to enter a new Southern African market?

We have a proven record on our methodology. Of course, flexibility needs to be in place, as Political and economic environments tend to change from time to time, and most times on different cycles than the more established Nordic markets.

We asks you to works with us and keep an open mind, but in principle , our approach is the following:

Month 1-3

Preparing a market verification report and entry strategy
Compiling a long-list of potential partners
Finding at least three interested and suitable agents or distributors

Month 4-6

Joining you in the first calls with potential partners
Working to a contract and first order
Setting up local distributor management

Month 7-9

Finding more distribution channels
Additional business development and public relations
Channel target setting and management

If necessary we can intensify our activities to get faster results. We will have monthly calls with you to discuss our progress and align with your goals.

What is a Partner Search?

A Partner Search does not mean to enter a new African market you need to enter an equity partnership.

At The House of Portugal, we like to reccommend that you start by a classic export approach (depending on cases we might advise you differently).

We do all the Due Diligence and match you with Agents or distributors that really sell.

If you already have a proven offering and your export processes are in place, we will help you bring it to new countries. Agents or distributors, dealers or franchisees are essential to get exposure in the market.

We will not only find them, but also make sure they will sell for you.

What is Export promotion

Export promotion is used by many countries and regions to promote the goods and services from their companies abroad.

This is good for the trade balance and for the overall economy.

Export promotion can also have incentive programs designed to draw more companies into exporting. Governments do this by providing assistance in the marketing and product identification and development, by arranging payment guarantee schemes, pre-shipment and post-shipment financing, trade visits, training, trade fairs, and foreign representation.

Thought our members and our highly weight network, we are succesful on assisting you on different models, events of Export Promotion. We are also two folded. We organise Export Promotion from the Nothern Hemisphere to Southern Africa and from Southern Africa to the Nordic Hemisphere.

What is Instituto Camões?

The Instituto Camões (IC) is the Portuguese implementing agency for external cultural and educational policy.

It operates under the responsibility of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs but has administrative autonomy.

Its purpose is to promote Portuguese culture and language abroad.

What will I be able to do with Portuguese module A?

At A2 level, learners will be able to:

  • Understand information / simple instructions in signage, roads, streets, public service spaces as shops, supermarkets, banks, post offices, hospitalsç to read timetables and schedules of transportation, open and closing of services, etc;
  • Understand simple information in regards to orientation, movements, directions and space;
  • Understand information/basic instructions regarding accommodation; to identify the general components of a menu;
  • Understand basic indications for the use of prescribed medicine or others drugs used for headache, sore throat as well as to understand its dosages and use (after meals);
  • Understand general information in regards to shelve products or promotional material;
  • Understand messages and wishes written in notes / postcards and posts;
  • Identify different books / magazine / newspapers / reports sections as for example sport, adverts, news; understand basic information from news, adverts, titles and sub titles;
  • Fill in and complete forms in regards to personal details, as a hotel check in form, to open a bank account or to register in a course or make an application to a service provider;
  • To write informal texts as for example a postcard or a letter with a simple message about personal nature matters; to write short messages or to make simple requests to colleagues in regards to daily routines.

What is CIPLE or A2 level?

CIPLE stands for Certificado Inicial de Português Língua Estrangeira. CIPLE corresponds to the A2 level of the European Common Language Reference Framework of the European Council.

The description of this reference level presents the ability to manage social communication, its types of written and oral statements, communication strategies, speech, themes, specific and general notions deemed necessary on using the Portuguese language for communication purposes.

CIPLE provides a basic general ability to interact in a limited number of communication instances of the daily activity. It also enables to be able to communicate in a professional manner, and to communicate in situation requiring a very limited use of the Portuguese language.

This level comprises three components: Reading Comprehension, Written Expression, Oral Comprehension and Oral Expression.

Who can attend the Portuguese Language courses?

All our language courses can be attended by individuals over 14 years, who don’t have Portuguese as mother tongue and which to prove their competence in Portuguese Language, for educational, professional or other purposes, and which to be prepared to write a certificate or diploma with Instituto Camões.

Is the Instituto Camões Fee included in the language module?

No. Exmas fees vary from level to level and may also vary from different examination centers. The fee for the National Exam is determined annualy and published at EPERAS Coordenação de Ensino de Português na África do Sul, Instituto Camões and CAPLE pages. We can provide you with further information.

Can I use The House of Portugal final examination as an official qualification?

No. These certificates are for your understanding only. If you wish an official accreditation, ask us to assist you to register for the respective annual official exam of that level in accordance with Instituto Camoes.

Will I be awarded a Language Certificate?

All learners will receive an attendance tests in cases they have attended less or up to 80% of the number of classes of each module.

An Evaluation certificate will be issued at the end of each module.

How is the final evaluation achieved in the Language Courses?

Muito Bom is atributed to learners who have obtained between 85% - 100%.
Bom is atributed to learners who have obtained between 70% e 84%.
Suficiente is atributed to learners who have obtained between 55% e 69%.

Insuficiente is atributed to learners who have scored belown 54%.

What I need to know when buying wine?

You must be over 18 years of age to buy wine! All wines are sold by the case, except in the case ( excuse the pun ) of gifts. We try our best to ensure that we send the vintage you order. If we are out of stock we will contact you for instructions on whether to send a later vintage, or refund the order. All prices include VAT. We deliver to your door - anywhere in South Africa. For International orders please contact us directly on

Can I place an Order as a Gift for someone else?

When checking out you can add a gift message or special delivery instructions. When sending a gift we do not include the pricing/invoice in the parcel. If you add a gift message we include a card in the box with your message. If you would like us to gift wrap it for you – please let us know – we will do it with pleasure at no charge.