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At THOP we teach you to:

Asking someone's name and answering.

Using formal and informal.

Spelling and pronunciation.

Asking and saying how you feel.

Asking and saying where you are from and what do you do.

Using numbers - Asking and answering phone numbers and addresses.

Days of the week, months and seasons of the year.

Ordering, buying, and paying for food, drinks, and shopping around.

Planning, booking transportation, and getting around.

Reading, understanding instructions, and completing forms.

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Intensive courses are a way to learn Portuguese fast. Classes are fast-paced and results are big. For students with other abilities and needs, we offer 1o1 tutoring as well. I respect the option you choose, all aspects of language skills, such as reading, speaking, writing, and listening, are focused on in class. English is kept to a minimum, particularly in the more advanced levels.  

Private classes for individuals, families or professionals

Portuguese is fast becoming an essential language in the Southern African region as well for a growing interest among Southern Africans to immigrate to Portugal. As a result, many people are now learning Portuguese to improve their social and business status.

Portugal has in recent years opened many opportunities for Portuguese emigrants, their descendants and those living with them to return to Portugal, as well as it made available many interesting benefits and incentives to those wanting to look into living, moving their lives, seeking business opportunities, studying or even retiring in Portugal.


A good handle of the Portuguese language is very important and understanding the mindset and the backgroung of its culture is abolutely vital. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

Our teachers will make sure that you feel at ease while still ensuring you are actively involved. Different varieties of Portuguese exist worldwide.

At The House of Portugal Academy, we teach standard (classic) Portuguese. This variety is understood everywhere, including Mozambique, Angola, and Brazil. It also gives you a good foundation, which you can then easily supplement with additional vocabulary as required.

Porto Historical Houses

Bonus #1: 8 Saturday Crunch Classes…

  8 x 120-minute  Saturday Crunch Sessions ! Valued in R5200!

Bonus #2: THOP Academy Resource Center …

 12-month membership to our  exclusive member area resource center, access to videography, bibliography, blogs, podcast, grammars, etc Valued in R1940!

Bonus #3: THOP Exclusive A1 Slides …

 Our own design content to optimize your experience and land you successfully in the Portuguese language and culture. 20 units set with the market value of R1940!

Bonus #4: Beginners A2 2021...

 1 voucher for 2021 to the A2 module of Portuguese for Beginners, valued in R5041

Bonus #5: THOP Channels subscription…

 Acess to The House of Portugal Social Media Channels and Groups. Exclusive and by invitation only.


Look. Let's be honest. You don't know me (probably), I don't know you.

Why you should trust me when there is a high chance you have bought a course before from somebody else (who you didn't know at that time) and it flopped, right?

1 decided to take all the risks from your shoulders and give you full 7 days to go through the program.
During this time you can decide if it is worth the price. lf not, just send us an email to 􀇿ines@thehouseofportugal.com and we'II send you a refund right away!

And to top our word, if you score less than 80% on your final tests, having attended all classes and tasks, I will give you a 100% refund!

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