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Have you been good this year? 

Sleeps to Christmas!

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The House of Portugal...
Where Magic Lives

We crossed the Artic Circle to meet with Santa and bring magic to your Christmas

Knitted Christmas Tree Ornaments

Did you know?

The legend of Santa Claus did not originate in Lapland though it was originally spread to the Sami people by the older Koyak tribes of the central Russian steppes who are believed by historians to have occupied northern Russia for as long as 4,500 years.

Inês is a well known for her passion for Lapland, Lappish food, nature and folklore. She often visits and stays and has crafted very loving friendships and grew knowledgeable of the traditions. The land higher in Lapland around the Yllas, such as Akaslampolo are Inês Lappish nest, but she has made so many friends that you can often see her in many places either in ceremony with Sami people and Lappish in general.

Nature spirits, knowing of healing with the birch resin , the Chaga mushroom, the berries and the waters, drumming fires in tepees (the Sami tents) or in Kotta’s, the houses, Inês shares the love for the reindeer herding but also taking the sleighs and the huskies, who love to work and run in the soft and hard snows. One can often hear her say: Why go to therapy if you can come to Lapland?

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One of the special and loving friendships Inês carved in Scandinavia is Mr  Santa Claus! 

Yes you read me well! The one and only Santa Claus!

Inês visist often and she can assist you and your family to visit

Mr. & Mrs Claus as well!.

Picture 1.png

Rovaniemi is the official Hometown of Santa Claus, and the cityºs most famous resident can be visited every day of the year in Santa Claus Village right on the Artic Circle. Bring your passport as you will want to stamp the proof that itºs real and your passport can prove it!

We can even schedule you to be at a certain time online at ourt YouTube Channel and the Artic Circle camera, so all your friends and family can see you waving at them!

Oh wow! Does this sounds like an experience you will definitely want to add to your bucket list? We hear you. Inês herself works closely with Santa and gets super nervous anytime as well! The Santa Village attracts more than 500 p000 annual visitors from all around the world and we can assist you to visit Santa, any time of the year. We do have a thing to visit Lapland during winter and the Northern Lights Season, or dg the midnight Sun! Ruska and its firy orange and red colours make Lapland as magical too!

Do you know?

FireFox browser comes from Finland! Yay! FACT!

FireFox even uses the tale of the Lappish Fox of Red colour!

Christmas is a very busy time, and you ask, how can Santa welcome you, manage the workshop and supervise all the logistics, and still…. Arrive on time every single Christmas eve?

Well, it all starts by writing Santa a letter in time for him to set his magical clock! 

Psst… Santa has a cosmological clock and he , only he, is able to set a timer for Christmas where time runs at a special pace, while all of us, think we are sleeping…. 

Have a peak here: 

Don’t we just love Vanilla!!!
She is a super duper, speedy trooper of Santa!
A true master Elf!
She makes sure that Santa's office is always neat, organised and she even takes care of the reindeer nursery and makes sure that the workshop runs sharp!

Yes, Vanilla has been with Santa for hundreds of years….
She does look good right? Yap!

Would you like to know the secret of Vanilla happiness and goodness? It’s no more, no less, it’s simply because Vanilla absolutely adores huskies!!!!

Come have a look at Santa's Husky farm and you will soon find out why….

By now you are wondering if you write a letter to Santa if he will really answer you back? For real?? Like the REAL Santa? 

The magic of Christmas in an envelope  

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Give the most magical Christmas gifts of all with The House of Portugal this Festive Season

Here is the opportunity for you! You can NOW; for the first year since operations started; gift loved ones the greatest gifts that keep giving! 


The House of Portugal have 3 gifts that will be sure to blow your socks off!

Letters from Santa

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Our CEO talks to Santa

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