Our markets of expertise

We help our customer companies grow and succeed in highly competitive and fast-paced economies in Africa and develop solutions for the future and renew their business operations boldly. We promote collaboration between companies and research groups so that new endeavors can develop into exciting internationalization to African business ecosystems. We provide our customers with a very personalized approach and support, by issuing the safest recommendations to enter markets, establishing footprints in the local industries, accessing ecosystems and setting business opportunities, procuring the most like-minded potential partner, and supporting internationalization in niche opportunities.

Meaningful stakeholder engagement


We often say that there are many Africa's in Africa, or that to enter some of these economies, our customer companies need to be financially and emotionally prepared. These markets sizes, volumes, opportunities are exponential. Some of them are super continental economies with third-world country needs. There are needs, and there are opportunities. There is the business and there is the correct timing for business. There are mechanisms and there are Policies. There is the development and there is the necessity to grow these economies from being dependent on development aid to raise capital from sovereignty. Our reporting is trustworthy, doable, and realistic.

We offer an effective opportunity to promote contacts with local operators in interesting markets. and often organize Export Promotion events visits regularly in cooperation with other organizations and according to companies’ needs and interests.

Customer companies have access to general information about the country of interest, as well as practical advice and encouragement according to the company’s individual needs. 

In addition, we produce up-to-date information about market opportunities and concrete sales leads, information for companies about the public procurements of international organizations, and development financing institutions. These are available on The House of Portugal website under News & Resources

Funding & Financing in emerging markets

The House of Portugal works in close cooperation with other international and mainly Nordic organizations and, as necessary, directs customer companies to the services offered, simplifying and making possible the internationalization of the customer companies to emerging markets byways of support to international research, development, and innovation cooperation, as well as regional growth services. Some of these mechanisms' major contributors are development cooperation funds, the Ministry finances the instruments of the private sector which are used to support Finnish companies’ partnerships and business opportunities in developing countries.

We provide companies information and facilitation on financing services, which involve Finnfund financing, BEAM innovation funding, Finnpartnership support for business partnerships, Nordic Innovation, UN Development Goals, Horizon 2020, EEP, and others.  and investment support for the public sector of developing countries.

Industries & Ecosystems

There is no future for business as usual. Our current economic system, which arguably has succeeded in creating unprecedented economic output, wealth, and human welfare over the past 70 years, has led to exacerbated social inequalities and loss of nature to an extent that threatens the stability of our economies and societies – and could maybe even lead to a collapse of civilization as we know it.

A circular bioeconomy offers a conceptual framework for using renewable natural capital to transform and manage our land, food, health, and industrial systems, with the goal of achieving sustainable wellbeing in harmony with nature.

While the circular bioeconomy needs advanced technology and innovation as well as traditional knowledge to succeed, it ultimately relies on biodiversity as its true engine. 

The House of Portugal acknowledges this fundamental role, not only by having an active role in these ancillary industries and framework but as well as promoting the appropriate conservation measures, and facilitating regionally-tailored market-based instruments to provide incentives for farmers, forest owners, and biobased customer companies to invest back in biodiversity.


Strategic Partnerships

The House of Portugal is an active Executive Board member of NSBA - Nordic - Southern Africa Business Association. The Nordic-South African Business Association (NSBA) is a private initiative founded in 2007 to support the development of stronger business ties between South Africa and the Nordic countries and is part of the EU Chamber in South Africa. 

Serving our core mandate in the Portuguese economy, we are active members of SAPCC - South African Portuguese Chamber of Commerce. With this partnership,  we aim to further the interests of all Portuguese-owned or managed businesses looking to invest or export into South Africa.

Business Discussion

The House of Portugal is the Official company spotter for Finnpartnership to Southern Africa.


Finnpartnership is a Finnish organization managed by Finfund and funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.  Through this partnership, we are able to qualify potential partners with  Finnish companies, either as agents, distributors, technological partner,s and investment partnerships in Southern Africa. 


We offer a matchmaking platform for introduction to Finnish technological partners with competency to enable you to scale up your business.

Our role as company spotter for Finnpartnership Matchmaking Service is to identify and qualify small enterprises wanting to partner or collaborate with Finnish organizations and vice-versa.