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The House Club

Welcome to our house

The House Club is the next level of exclusive. Become a member  and unlock additional exclusive benefits to grow your network of peers and extend your business connections.

Becoming a member of  The House Club provides you with access to much more than just attending the lunches and will be a valuable part of your business development activity.

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  • As a member of Exclusive Business you become part of a collaborative group of senior business people who understand the importance of forming valuable business relationships.

  • Members can use the PR around our events to grow their own profile, tagging yourself in our tweets and circulating Linked in posts to extend your own social reach.

  • You will have access to a network of decision makers across a wide sector of industries.

  • You have access to The House of Portugal team to provide professional introductions.

  • As a member, you will benefit of discount rates on our services a a broad scope of free consultations and events per years, ranging from export promotion to funding and financing advisory.


We invite you to join The House Club and experience a new way to consolidate valuable business connections , in a privileged, trustworthy environment.


The structure of this membership is according to the size of your company as set by European definitions.

Knowledge sharing

Meet companies already operating in Angola, Namibia, South Africa, Mauritius, Mozambique, Zambia, and get valuable information about how to do business in Africa.

Discuss business

Discuss business opportunities in Africa with potential clients, technological partners, agents, distributors, universities, faculties of applied sciences, municipalities, regulators, commercial banks, investment and funding agencies, consultants, growth accelerators, legal and financial advisors, cluster stakeholders, high level government officials and diplomats 

Network Opportunities

It´s about knowing the right people when doing business in Northern America, Europe and Southern Africa and Europe. Meet the right people with the competences you need for scaling up your business.

Gateway to Diplomacy

Meet the African diplomats resident in the Nordics and learn more about the local political agenda in the African countries and receive the support of Canadian and Nordic Embassies, Trade Offices and Chambers of Commerce in Southern Africa.

Our partners

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