Festas do Pinheiro or Nicolinas 2021

Young and old, men and woman, on the coldest night of the year, students of Guimarães gather for the largest and ancient alumni festivities known at least in Europe.

The Nicolinas Festivals are the festivals of the students of Guimarães, celebrated in honor of São Nicolau de Mira.

The first reference to the Nicolinas Festivals dates back to 1664, when the Chapel of St. Nicholas was built in Guimarães. They usually start on November 29 and end on December 7.

During these days, students and have various "activities" that are part of the structure of the Party. They are the so-called Nicolino Numbers:


-Pine | City Centre



-Posses and Magusto | City Centre



-Mass and Procession of St. Nicholas | Ireja da Oliveira


-Trading | City Centre



-Little | St. James Square


-Dances of St. Nicholas | CCVF



-Baile Nicolino | TBA

Contrary to what you would expect, Pinheiro was already buried. The first number of the Nicolinas is official even though the festive part of the procession is missing. With respect imposed on these pandemic days, the Nicolinas continue until December 7.

Those who circulate through the city of Guimarães feel that this day is different. And it's not just the smell of firetrucks or seeing red counters at the doors of cafes and bars; is that in this particular day of 2021 have already heard boxes and bombs and has seen the rise of the Pine, starting the Nicolinas Festivals.

Although the official procession was canceled three days before the event, the commission decided not to go against municipal and other health entities and skirted the situation with pinheiro's burial in the morning of November 29, which witnessed and share below a kind of on-the-go-straight -from-the-pocket-to- hand-trying-to-get-a-glimpse-video! However, thousands of people are expected in the city overnight, at a time that is expected to be peaceful and respectful between participants and authorities.

The following numbers happen in the same way as the previous year. Without large gatherings or announcements, the small malotas (the student and organizing committee) will deliver the Collected Possessions to a Magusto warming the soul of those who followed them. Next is a Mass and the Trading Floor declaimed by the city. The parties end (for the general public) with the afternoon of the Apples and the night of the Dances, a theater that Guimarães can hardly watch live.

Any party or pilgrimage minhota announces itself by erecting a mast in a towering place. This mast and quasi-sempre a plant specimen, strong and longuilíneo trunk that remains vertical while the celebrations last.

The student Vimaranense since time immemorial (for centuries, it is said ...) escorts his pine tree, taken by showy paired oxen, to the sound of zabumdada and estúrdio waking up the village. The Old People join in, who long for being young, make sure they are and parade into the world, recalling, every year, anytime adventures.

The ensembles of bombo and box, not always the compass, will, which beat the heart, snugging the pine plucked to the forest of Aldão in its percurso from the Cano, starting by the Palheiros, crossing the Toural and landing in the Field of Fair. There next to the unfurled cover made Monument to Nicolino rose the Pine, devoid of branches, crowned by the choir visible several kilometers from the village, to the Atlantic.

Times hear when a wooden altarpiece was hanging on these masts where an image of the goddess Minerva was painted. Now, as far as we know at the beginning of the 20th century, the altarpiece has disappeared. It is not known if it was theft or theft like Tancos' weapons...

The goddess Minerva, worshiped by the students as the epithet of wisdom, now follows in transvestite mode in the celestial wagon that opens the procession.

Due to the sea and cold it is customary to consume several fermented and distilled liquefied after Olympic suppers of rojões, porridge and chestnuts.

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