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Guimaraes as a tech start-up incubator destination

Are you in the tech space and looking to develop your innovation projects in Portugal?

With a view to granting a residence visa or residence permit for entrepreneurial immigrants governed by its own regulation, the city is now an official incubator for a program to welcome foreign entrepreneurs who wish to develop an entrepreneurship and/or innovation project in Portugal.

The StartUP Visa is a program to welcome foreign entrepreneurs, without permanent residence in the Schengen Area, who intend to develop an entrepreneurship and innovation project in Portugal, with a view to granting a residence visa and residence permit.

Eligible applicants are:

a) Entrepreneurs who intend to develop their entrepreneurial and innovative project in Portugal, even if they have not set up a company; b) Entrepreneurs who already have business projects in their countries of origin and who intend to carry out their activity in Portugal.

The benefits granted to foreign entrepreneurs are:

➢ Granting of a Residence Visa and Residence Permit to be granted by the competent authorities (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreigners and Borders Service);

➢ Welcoming projects and entrepreneurs, through a network of incubators. Applications, can be done in Portuguese or English.

For more information, it is recommended to consult the additional documentation published on the StartUP Visa page.

#thehouseofportugal recommends you to also consult the Application Guide.

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