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Legends & Tales - An unknown Portugal

Portugal is a country rich in culture and fantastic legends that pass from generation to generation. Discover some short Portuguese legends to teach your children or grandchildren.

Portugal is a country extremely rich in ancient stories and myths that inspire customs and superstitions. There are hundreds of Portuguese legends, tales, sayings and popular beliefs that make our culture so rich and interesting. From werewolves to fairies, witches to mermaids, ghosts and feathered souls to miracles of saints, there is no creature that our folklore does not include, except, perhaps, vampires.

But not only terror are the Portuguese legends. Many reveal lands and people of courage, stories of revenge, impossible loves and perfect loves. Meet, or remember, some Portuguese legends.

Many of them relate to true events but with touches of imagination, probably to increase the dramatic or heroic burden of the actually succeeded.

Legend of the Rooster of Barcelos

Many years ago, passing through Portugal, a family of pilgrims went to stay in an inn in that same city, carrying with them a bag full of farnel.

But as the innkeeper was very greedy he called the police saying that the family of pilgrims had stolen it.

When the police arrived they told the head of the pilgrim family that he was condemned to death. The head of the pilgrims said: – It is as true that I be innocent as this sing!

And the funniest thing of all, is that the to the head of the family say so the even sang.

And now in addition to oral tradition, there is also the song, the statue of our Mr. of the rooster and the rooster made of colored clay. This statue of our Mr. of the rooster is located just outside