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1+1=1 Aniki Bóbó

1+1=1 Aniki Bóbó




With the objective of internationally promoting and rewarding excellence in the artistic production, Vista Alegre promoted the creation of pieces of homage to the works of renowned authors in different cultural areas.


To develop these pieces, a writer, a director and a composer were invited, among other designers, who first choose the work they consider the most representative of his career and his art.


Each of these authors, in turn, invites a painter, a designer and an illustrator who is, in his opinion, the right person to illustrate that work on a piece of porcelain, chosen together from among the Vista Alegre acquit.


The result of this collaboration is a piece of homage to the work and career of the guest author, through the original interpretation of the plastic artist, while promoting creative originality - a tradition of the brand.


1+1 = 1, as the project is called, gives birth to a limited edition of 1,000 copies and is accompanied by the offer of the work that gave rise to the piece, in a special edition, exclusive to Vista Alegre, autographed by the author.


The fourth piece of the collection 1 +1 = 1 adopts the same name as the first film by Manoel de Oliveira - Aniki Bóbó.


Following the logic of this collection, designer Manuel Casimiro was chosen by the filmmaker to graphically reinterpret the selected work in a piece that is part of the Vista Alegre collection, chosen by the two authors.


A limited launch of 1000 copies accompanied by the offer of the DVD, in a special edition that is exclusive to Vista Alegre.


Limited to 1000 units | Signed


Style: Contemporary
Part Type: Tea Pot
Product type: Porcelain
Height: 158 mm
Width: 131 mm
Length: 251 mm
Capacity: 1275 ml
Weight without Package: 784 gr
Use restrictions:

Not suitable for microwaves. Not suitable for


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