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Fernando Pessoa Heteronimos

Fernando Pessoa Heteronimos


A tribute to Fernando Pessoa.


Design by Catarina Pestana and Shape by Carvalho Araújo.


Fernando Pessoa was born in a permanent search of himself.

On his body he wore his characters in different contexts that expressed disparate ways of living and looking at the world, that endure and live today in our soul.


Three major heteronyms are shown here:

Alberto Caeiro - 'to be', the Master. Lives peacefully in nature, knowing that he will die to return to her.

Ricardo Reis - 'to live', the Doctor. Lives in the rationality and understanding of the little time he has until he dies.

Álvaro de Campos - 'to feel', the Futurist. Lives in a frantic and revolutionary manner, anxiously towards catharsis.



Set 4 Coffee Cups & Saucers Heterónimos. A tribute to Fernando Pessoa.



Style: Contemporary
Part Type: Set Coffee Cups
Product type: Porcelain
Height: 50 mm
Length: 99 mm
Weight without Package: 676 gr
Use restrictions: Microwave and dishwasher safe.
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