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All our Filigrana is handmade in a traditional workshop in the North of Portugal, where the art has been passed throutht generations in the same family.

Gold pieces are usually made by order.


This set is causing sensation. We estimate that Easter 2021 our Order Books are going to be full on account of this item.


This centenary mesh, which is traditionally weld by mouth, link by link. The one who buys it it's going to fall in love with it. 


This piece can be made on 925 Sterling Silver,  on 9 karat Gold or 19 Karat Gold. All the products from our bespoke workshop in Ermesinde, Portugal are marked and sealed at Contrastaria do Porto, which is the Entitity that Regulates and Certificates the absolute quality and veracity of the materials used. 

  • Hook
    • Weight in Sterling Silver /Gold: 4.1/6g
    • Height/Width of the medallion: 4.5/4cm
  • Chain
    • Weight in Sterling Silver /Gold: 15/20g
    • Lenght : 47cm (We can manufacture any lenght)


The mesh is welded by mouth the old traditionla way of philigran in Portugal, by the last living artisan that uses this technique with such perfection and detail. Fortunantelly we are happy to work with Filigrana Portuguesa Workshop who employes him still. 


This piece is available in Sterling Silver 925 and all the articles are marked and sealed by Contrastaria do Porto, Portugal. 


  • Weight in Sterling Silver /Gold: 15/22.5g
  • Lenght : 47cm (We can manufacture any lenght)