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Viana Beads

Viana Beads


All our Filigrana is handmade in a traditional workshop in the North of Portugal, where the art has been passed throutht generations in the same family.

Gold pieces are usually made by order.


Currently Contas de Viana (Viana beads) are hollow, and years ago, they were even lighter - and are descendent of the Roman and Etruscan Phoenicians beads, these last oes the os that most reseemble thecurrent Contas de Viana. 


The granulation or sprinkles and the surrounding filigree were nothing more than adornment, because what always prevailed was its spherical and rounded shape.


The beaded necklace was purchased by Viana's wife before the much desired cord.


It was often bought on account at the expense of these young girls' small savings, usually from the sale of eggs or the chicken trade.


This piece can be made on 925 Sterling Silver,  on 9 karat Gold or 19 Karat Gold. All the products from our bespoke workshop in Ermesinde, Portugal are marked and sealed at Contrastaria do Porto, which is the Entitity that Regulates and Certificates the absolute quality and veracity of the materials used. 


  • Weight in Sterling Silver /Gold: 18/26g
  • Lenght: 45cm (we can manufacture it to your desired lenght) 
  • Viana Bead diameter: 10mm 


  • We ship from Portugal and the all globe

  • For furter detail please consult our Shipping and Returns Policy below.



Gold pieces are usually made to order and take a maximum of 10-15 to be manufactured.



    • Delivery & Shipping

      Delivery & Returns

      We understand that you are anxious to receive your piece.

      Due to the current Pandemic and the fact that online sales having sky rocketed, it is possible that we can experience some delay on international deliveries, which our supplier in Portugal will not be able to control. 

      Once parcel is collected by courier (we will send you an email to confirm that the parcel has been shipped with copy of the airbill) the estimated time of arrivel at the customer' door are :

      National Courier (Portugal Mainland)

      •  up to 2 working days (Nacex or CTT) – 3,5€
      • shipping is free for order above 100€

      Madeira and Azores (CTT) 

      • 6 - 8 working days – 3,5€

      Within European Community  (CTT or DHL)

      • 5 - 10 working days (CTT) - 5€