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Inbound - Into Southern Africa

From the Northern to Southern Hemisphere. Establish your footprint

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Service Description

We are able to provide you with market access, Intel, penetration strategies, matching local partner as well as act as your Region Management offering all C-Suite in one. Elaborating a holistic analysis is mandatory in your business plan. By identifying the most relevant stakeholders in the local environment you are operating in, you will learn this can make or break your business. We believe a No is as good as a Yes, and sometimes, we have to say: “We recommend you not to come to this market, or “this is not the time” or “you must enter now!” Market Opportunities We help companies take action by offering advice and building activities that connect Nordic companies to market opportunities and Southern African companies to Nordic and Canadian partners. Procure, Publish and offer these to Nordics and Canadian companies members and we assess the quality of the opportunity to become a mega opportunity or an ecosystem. We propose and promote a meeting plan for an individual company, a cluster or a business delegation Sales Leads We introduce direct leads to our members and publish these in our website member area. Must watch Foresight is a systematic, participatory, future-intelligence-gathering and medium-to-long-term vision-building process aimed at enabling present-day decisions and mobilizing joint actions. It can be envisaged as a triangle combining “Thinking the Future”, “Debating the Future” and “Shaping the Future”. At The House of Portugal we provide you with numerous briefs regarding the foresight and forecasting of different sectors. The European Foresight Platform project aims at building a global network of networks bringing together different communities and individual professionals to share their knowledge about foresight, forecasting and other future studies methods.

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The House of Portugal, Tyrone Avenue, Parkview, Randburg, South Africa