What you'll learn?

You never would have though learning Portuguese could be so fun!

#1 - The feminine, the masculine and the in between

#2 - In Portugal, be Portuguese

#3 - Everything is dual

#4 - Being rich is not fun

#5 - Hello's and Goodbyes

#6 - Walking, driving, travelling by yourself

#7 - Silverlinings, Truths & Myths

#8 - Listen, Comprehend, Write and Speak! Easy!

#9 - Cook, Order, Sing, Dance. Even with 2 left feet you still have a soul!

#10 - A special prize for those who take the full Class! For the strong and the committed only!

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Inès Cerqueira arrived in South Africa in June 2008, with 2 children and the promise that in South Africa was still a market open to many opportunities. Decided to work with her language and culture, Inês left behind a life of Corporate to bridge the gap of a Portuguese community in South Africa on the 4th and 5th generation who have lost much touch with the modern Portugal.

Hands on work, starts writing for Magazine Noticia, looking after her high level Angolan network interests in South Africa, lends her voice and becomes the feminine voice on the Portuguese TV Channel Máximo and pivots at RTP África, experience that according to Inês, has been the most exciting of her entire life!

Prepared during several months by a renown attorney in Johannesburg, Inês sworns in before the High Court of South Gauteng and lectures Portuguese at the WITS - University of Witwatersrand Language School. She registered a company and opened her own accredited academy, The House of Portugal, in August 2012. 


Inês is an accredited member of SATI - South African Translator Institute and an Official Sworn Translator and Commissioner of Oaths of the Embassy of Portugal in Pretoria and Consulate General of Portugal in Johannesburg. 

Don't Miss Out on This Amazing Chance Of Learning All the In's & Out's of Portuguese And Change Your Perception to Improve your Communication, Your Connections, Your Business, ...